Ti-Pen™ Features

Ti-Pen™ is the ideal glass signing tool for the lampworker, glass blower or glass jewelry maker. The Ti-Pen™ tool is different from most scribes because it writes by friction of the metal titanium point. Leaving behind a metal deposit in a silver color on the surface of glass, quartz, ceramics, or vitreous enamels.

Troy Bennett Marble
Sample Ti-Pen™ signature.
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  • Optimal for identification or designing on all types of glass work
  • Use for glass art, scientific lampworked glass, blown glass and cold worked glass
  • Offers fine line permanent marking
  • Use of this tool will not scratch, damage or weaken the glass
  • Will not obstruct the view of your detail
  • Smooth flowing fine lines can be obtained by moistening the surface
  • .25mm, .010" wide will withstand temperatures up to 1500° Celsius
  • Wider lines can be achieved by dulling the tip
  • Lines made by this tool may be electroplated to make circuits

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